Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Happy Hump Day!

(That happy day of the week when the weekend is just a downhill coast away)

Snowpocalypse 2012. Happy New Year!

I'm back! With renewed zeal and fervor, induced in part by my snazzy new blog background and in part by one of twelve new years resolutions. I think it's number eleven.

 And so a Happy New Year to you dear reader! I hope that wherever you are and whatever your situation, your Christmas and New Years eves and days were blessed - full of family and food and same-such good things. For my part I have never been fed so well in my life.

This was my first Christmas away from my mama and papa and little brovskys, and I missed them immensely...but I was taken under the expansive wing of the Bulthuis clan (immediate and otherwise) and had a glorious time delving into new traditions like Clam Chowder Christmas feasts, candle light services and endless supplies of holiday fudge. Note: I attempted to make fudge myself a week later, forgot a key ingredient - I'm still not sure which key ingredient, probably one of the three ingredients fudge is made of - and therefore produced a grainy, globular sort of a mass that could have been frosting, could have been brownies, and was most definitely not nearly so magical.

I am very grateful for this wonderful family's always open doors. I was also grateful to spend some good phone time with my rents...and hearing about their Christmas gala of 15+ people and an American turkey (so much for desperately missing their kids...).

Moving swiftly on, January started of with a bang here in Seattle. Ie: We just survived what we affectionately christened Snowpocalypse 2k12. A komo news weather warning and five inches of snow later called for a city-wide shut-down. Businesses closed their doors and turned out the lights. The few cars that braved the elements spent a day skidding into fish tailing buses (many of them left on the side of the road till real temperatures decided to come back). Thousands of people went without power.

And we reveled in it.

Snowmagedon day one called for a sleeping in, brunching on waffles and mimossas and sledding with what felt like the entirety of Queen Anne. Nothing brings people out and together like a good snow storm, clearly. People were all over the streets (much to the chagrin of the one or two crawling cars who made it out of their driveways), sipping on hot coffees, tucking into fur-lined hoods, and heading to the slopes (we have many of those). What we found: Tupperware boxes are not ideal sleds. Saucers are. Cookie sheets are iffy. On a sled, the distance of Queen Anne hill can be covered in roughly 20 seconds.

Snowmagedon day two brought forth more sleeping in, pancakes instead of waffles, card games and wine, and walks in the frosty muffled dark.

And so it went until it was the weekend. And here we are Sunday night, relaxed, rested and staunch believers in the Komo Blog - which, besides being accurate, has a marvelous flair for the dramatic. What a rough life we do lead.