Sunday, August 28, 2011


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
His mercies never come to an end
They are new every morning
Great is thy faithfulness O Lord.

Lamentations 3:22-24

These last four weeks I've experienced:
Not having a house to live in.
My best friend not having a house to live in.
Being unemployed.
Packing up a beautiful year into cardboard boxes labeled things like "knickknacks".
Amazing opportunities threatening to fall to pieces.
Tidal waves of schedules, feelings, worry and confusion sweeping me off my feet.

And yet I find myself so far from drowning.

These last four weeks I've experienced:
Being offered a beautiful house to live in - complete with hot tub and wine cellar.
Becoming an art teacher.
Getting an internship with Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.
Being filled with kind of joy that makes one laugh out loud at the littlest things.
Constant reminders that next year will be another beautiful year, with memories just waiting to be made.
So many actions, words, notes and a million moments letting me know how much love I'm doused in.
Life's puzzle pieces falling into place.
Beautiful sunny days.
Those tidal waves always flow out after sweeping in.

And really, they're not tidal waves at all. I'm just a child and they seem so big. And there are always hands to catch me when they go over my head.

I'm just excited now to see how He continues to unravel his perfect plan.

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  1. you are beautiful. I want to talk with you about this. very much so.