Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mint Lemonade #LifeBetweenJobs

I will tell you, dear reader, that being the one left behind, is far worse than the one being gone. I experienced this is no short supply when my dear friends Hannah and Kali picked up and packed off to Israel and Palestine for several weeks leaving me to hold down the fort here in Seattle. Granted, a grand time was had doing North Westy summer things like lake-side cabins and swimming and parades, but it is hard not to imagine ones self at the Souk in Jerusalem bartering for harem pants, or sitting down to hummus and pitta after a long day of sites and conversations, or starting sentences with "When we were in Jericho...."

However, amongst the treasures of stories and little hand-of-Mary pendants and clay pomegranates that were brought back, the following gem was thrust into my life: Mint Lemonade. Apparently it's the only thing to drink in the Old Country. 

It is simple, refreshing, and can be transformed from day to night (or day to better day) with a shot or two of your favorite intoxicant (which then turns it then, essentially, into a mojito, but we will look past that).

You will need: 
   1. A can of frozen lemonade concentrate (for a colder, frostier concoction)
   2. A pack of mint sprigs
   3. A fair quantity of ice.
   4. A blender

Blend all together, adding water for a less potent libation, pour into stylish glasses of your choice - we went the hipster rout - and enjoy. 

For best results, I strongly recommend taking yourself, your beverage, and your friend of choice (I picked this one ) and going outside in a spot of prime sun. 

I raise my glass to drinking Mint Lemonade in Palestine in the near future. 
Happy drinking. 

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