Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On New Beginnings.

I have decided to begin a blog. Now, I love to write and it warms me to the cockles of my soul that the words “begin” and “blog” share not one, but two points of alliteration…but the real motivation behind this endeavor is the Rubesh diaspora (and friends). We are everywhere. No joke. So really, what better way to extend the hand of news and musings than via the world wide web.

And so commences yet another well-reasoned-out filler of my time. I have many of these, dear reader, all equally valid and constructive…cross word puzzles and Sudoku for instance (I’ve heard it prevents dementia in old age). Or creating facebook photo albums. Sometimes coming up with an album title alone will take a good forty minutes or so. I’m going on album number fifty eight, a collection of carefully crafted gems entitled things like “Jamboree: A Large Celebration, typically lavish and boisterous”, “A Christmas Carol of Carefree Vitality” or “Picky Chipmunks”…the name of the latter coming from a certain hike that Kels, Mel and I decided to embark upon, which somehow ended in feeding chipmunks granola on top of a mountain, in our swim suits. The chipmunk had his preferences. Needless to say, I enjoy words. This is why I’m an English major.

I’m writing to you from a time of upheaval and academic unrest. T’is finals week – a week marked by tears, sighs, groans, untold numbers of chocolate wrappers, pizza boxes and coffee cups and – as Seattle would have it – sun. Praise the good Lord for that. I don’t quite understand why the Sun, after weeks of missed opportunity, decided to make an appearance during the one week we cant enjoy it, but at least it has given rise to raised spirits, summer dresses and a glimmer of hope at the end of an ugly tunnel of stress.

On that note, I must confess that I’m not an avid fan of stress and choose, for the most part, to either ignore it or avoid it altogether. My week therefore began with a good cup of coffee (this is a prime start to any day), a new outfit, an 8 AM final (which, I can happily now say went decently well), a crossword in the sun and strawberries and granola with a dear friend (thank you, Dave). May the rest of this day followed by the rest of this week be equally as pleasant.

And so I raise my mug to the homestretch. For all you final-takers…fear not, summer is around the corner, whatever goes down this week. Take a couple minutes to enjoy the sun, study well, breath and unwrap another Twix. There is always good in the world.

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