Saturday, October 16, 2010

On STUB (More bad ass than you remember)

I have an office now.
Also a personal voice mail and letter box.
I am capable of using Outlook and Sharepoint.
I have never felt so legit in my life.

Yep, I am, by the grace of God, on STUB this year, the Student Union Board, the event programming team of SPU, in charge of pretty much every big social event that happens on campus. After the first few months of working together, I have come to the imminent conclusion that we are, in fact, a sizable collection of rubber bands: there are eight of us in various shapes and colors and sizes, we are going to be doing a lot of stretching this year and we are capable of doing cool things. STUB is going to provide me with a significant percentage of this years laughs and adventures and is going to teach me how to be an efficient, organized, punctual event planner (Hark! Are those snorts of disbelief sounding from across the globe?). I felt like it deserved a special mention.

Allow me to introduce the team:

Josh Norquist (director) and Trevor White, Gina Ogazi and Shane Pech, Alyssa Sutherland and Steph Rubesh (thats me), Kristina Ingles and Mandy Hough.

The Team (Emily kindly stood in for me)

I thank the Lord for such an incredible opportunity, because really, when I said "grace of God" earlier I was far from joking. He has worked overtime for this girl here and I say that with utmost, grateful, shame-faced confidence. I will never miss an interview again.

Thus far, we've had retreats - camping, hiking in the rain, sessions etc. The first, we cooked hobo dinners, I got to practice my mad jungle girl skillz on the high ropes and of course we had red robin to top it off. It was a song. The second was a lot of soccer and s'mores and story time. I know, it's rough.

We also had our first event, Big Party which was a blast! It was nautical themed this year, complete with starfish, sailors and clam chowder.

And next....
Coming to you this Fall...
At a campus near you...

The Curse of the Library.

It'll be a thumbs-up kind of thing.

P.s. You see this face?

That is the face of Lingua. Beware. That is all.

(We're just jealous of those eyes, lets be real.)

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  1. HAHAHA I feel like a star. Also, I love how the faux-photobooth pictures turned out.