Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On coming home...from being home.

Greetings, dear readers...

It's been a while.

I find myself, once again, on the autumn-leaves-cold nights-and-fire-places side of the pond, and in the throws of yet another academic year. So far it is shaping up to be a good one - more bustling, robust and tea-filled than ever before. But I feel I must take a few steps back, as much has passed between galavanting over tropical beach and hill, and coffee-induced pursuits of pedagogic tomes.

Alisa and I landed in sunny Portland after a riotous 40 hour sojourn accross land and sea...after stopping for a brief shopping spree in dubai (the consequences of which are now decorating my room) and giving up multiple cans of beer in San Fransico. Let me clarify this before dubious thoughts of a couple boozies on a plane waft themselves into your mind...the beer was for other people, not us parsay. For those beer-loving loved ones of ours, Sri Lankan brew seemed like a logical token to invest in...until 3 continents and 2 oceans later they were confiscated on account of the cans being 20 onces as oppose to the legal 3.4. Pssssssshhhh. Whatever.

Within hours, we were hugged and packed away to respective beds to recover and reflect and reenergize for the next two weeks of show down that were about to happen.

I got to say a brief hello to one of my favorite places in the world.

I got to bake cupcakes for Uncle Darrols birthday.

I got to see the littles and hang out with the cousins.

I got to see my dear friend Molly off on a new adventure and line her trunk with the mint plants.

I got to brave a train by myself with 300 pounds of luggage and a purse the size of a crate.

I got to go pick out french bread and croissants at the bakery with my aunt Kathy and try uncle Ken's eggs.

I got to snivel and smile through the gorgeous wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Lingo.

I got to see this one boy that I had been missing rather considerably.

I got to road trip to the emerald city with none other than Talaina King.

And then it was Hello Seattle.

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  1. Fantastic photos, Steph-nungi! Thanks for the update - how does it feel to be back in CoffeeTown (as opposed to CurryTown?)