Saturday, November 6, 2010

On Hallow-Scream

Dear readers, let me tell you, I am not a huge fan of scary things. Or things that make me afraid, or things that cause my emotional cheerfulness to dwindle or sense of control to be debunked. In fact, I flee from these things much like squirrels scamper from oncoming traffic. I have watched a grand total of two and a half poorly filmed, awfully directed and even more awfully acted horror movies and I have no immediate plans to expand that repertoire. So naturally it fell upon me to chair what turned out to be our first colossal event: Hallow Scream - The Curse of the Library.

"How many people do you think we'll have Steph?"
"Oh I dunno...200, 300 maybe..."

Being a first time event and all that, my co-chair person Trevor White and I were feeling confident in our ideas and co-leading ability, which was a plus as this nicely balanced out our feelings about the actual event itself - "foggy" is the word that comes to mind.

Turns out t'was a roaring success (imagine a nonchalant wave of the hand, maybe a cigarette in the other).

We had epic guides.

We had forty five of SPU's most talented and brave actors be ghouls and ghosts and beasts of all shapes and sizes at various levels of disgusting.

We had a line that went up stairs, past cafeterias, up hills and past residence halls.
We had to turn about four to five hundred people away after letting in about, what I guesstimated to be about eight hundred shrieking, screaming, yowling individuals.

There was no serious damage, clean up was a bz but got done in due time with no temper combustion, no broken necks, no broken friendships. Never has a chair been so proud!

Yes it was dressy weekend in general.

This whole shindig was quickly followed by Saturday night, during which Al and I decided to dress up as mice...naturally to complete herd that was begun by Stephan and Clint who were a coon and a sheep respectively. Our little pack moved to party the night away (party animals that we were) with superman, Adam and Eve, a cumolonimbus cloud, several loofas and the big bad wolf complete in it's grandma gear.

All encompassing, it was a hallow-f a time.

Ps. and Tommy was a president. Naturally.

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