Monday, November 8, 2010

On the Tree House.

Sometimes I live in a cabin.
Sometimes I live in a ski chalet.
Sometimes I live in a charming wooden town house.

Yes, I live at 824 West Emerson Street, in a home that has fondly become known as the Tree House. It is charming and warm, full of wood trimming and plush carpet, and we can't quite decide what it most looks like.

But we do know that we love to cook ethnic food on a regular basis (thus far, we have had Ethiopian, Sri Lankan, Iraqi, Hungarian, Romanian, Thai and Italian...among others), we like to snuggle with our house boyfriend Shirkhan (He is a massive blanket that was a hand-me-down from Tasha's grandma - fondly known as Boona - and has stolen all our hearts as well as the hearts of others. He is the reason some of our friends remain our friends.), and we like to do the crossword over tea and toast. We also drink many bottles of good man Charlie (thank you Trader Joe's), clink glasses over many a dinner party, and love, more than anything, that we have a home that people enjoy coming to.

Ps. I get my own room this year. This is an exciting new phenomenon and I don't think I'm ever going to get out of the honeymoon stage with it. I got to decorate how I've always wanted to decorate, I met my Snow-White desk and it was love at first sight, I have cream sheer curtains and windows that look out through the tops of branches onto our little street and trinkets from across the globe to help me never forget all the places I come from.

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