Friday, April 1, 2011

Gung-Ho for Senioritis and Such.

And so we bid our adieu to break as we once knew it. It's gone, having given way to what we've fondly termed "The Beginning of the End". Spring Quarter. Yep, this is is it, the last quarter of my undergraduate career. It's a strange feeling and one that is, for the most part, still a vague, distant thing that is by and large not real. But then there are those moments of when I ordered my cap and gown or when I trip over my own tongue in response to that really insightful question "so, what are you doing next year?" Fear not, I too have asked that question many times and oft. Of others and of myself. Or when the kindly gentleman at the next-door ticket stand offered me a job application with a schedule that was flexible for students, and I replied with an aura of chagrin that it just didn't matter, "I wont BE a student, sir."

Despite the timbre of angst you may be gleaning from this post here, I really am excited. A few days off was just the ticket to the final stages of senioritis and the beginning of the steady march to the finish line - whereupon we will start a new race altogether.

Revival, let me tell you, is a great thing. The best remedies in the world include:

Coffee, Agatha Christy and snider bits at Nielson's.

Theatre, champagne and Steinbeck accompanied by only the best.

Thai food by the canal, almost being run over by Dan Armading and sunshine.

But now we have Shakespeare to look forward to. And capstones and sailing. And then to join the bandwagon of some of my favorite alums (mainly I'm excited about this so I can finally feel deserving of my Alumni mug.)

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